Textiles Class

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By the way…did you know that I signed up for a textiles studio art class this semester? It’s such a joyful thing to be back in the studio creating–for fun, experimenting with new and old techniques, and being inspired by the other students. I really, really missed the magic that comes from independent creative work … Read More


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The staggering statistic that around the world at least 1 woman in every 3 has been beaten, coerced into sex or otherwise abused in her lifetime requires us to act. $PEAK OUT is about engaging the public to respond to this crisis and ending the silence. … Money buys inequality, injustice, and violence. Money procures … Read More

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In March 2007, tragedy struck the heart and soul of Baghdad’s cultural and intellectual community. Al Mutanabbi Street was destroyed by a car bomb which killed over thirty people and wounded more than one hundred. The winding street filled with bookshops and outdoor stalls has for centuries been a meeting place for poets, political dissidents … Read More


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Earlier this week we had the great joy of going over to Rowland Ricketts’ studio to use his community indigo dye vat. How exciting! This was my first time dyeing with indigo (first of many, I hope). I’d met Rowland in the fall when we visited him at Hilltop garden to see the indigo plants … Read More

Dynamic Range Podcast

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Daniel Gervais, host of Dynamic Range podcast, invited me for a casual conversation about art-making, story-telling, and travel. Thanks for listening! In other news, art-making has momentarily slowed, as I orient myself to life post-Sufi retreat, a new city, and a new job. I have been experimenting with writing and returned to the comfort of … Read More

New Books

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Hi all, I just put up some new books on etsy. They are small pocket-accordion journals. Perfect for storing souvenirs, notes, and small finds. Thanks for taking a look. This set is my last lighthearted production project before leaving the Walla Walla valley for new adventures. Its construction has been a nice respite from deadlines, … Read More

Adamantine Hardness

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There was no commentary in the Yoga Sutras text to clarify but I hope ‘adamantine hardness’ does not refer to one’s abs. Gosh, I may be nearly three-quarters finished with this undertaking but I am no closer to enlightenment than when I started. Maybe it’s time for some sit-ups.

Love Ever Always

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Anniversary gifts have been my favorite commissions lately. Like this one–made of paper, which is the traditional gift for the first anniversary, plus a little dash of cotton (thread) to see them into their second year. This piece includes the client’s poem printed on my own handmade paper, some of which is tinted with dried … Read More