By the way…did you know that I signed up for a textiles studio art class this semester? It’s such a joyful thing to be back in the studio creating–for fun, experimenting with new and old techniques, and being inspired by the other students. I really, really missed the magic that comes from independent creative work done in group settings.

My first assignment was a response to a specific place: the woods by my old apartment where I used to go on daily walks. I had numerous spiritual experiences out there, experiences that were outside of ordinary reality. This piece is a reflection on the haziness of memory and reality.

IMG_2453The background layer–cotton poplin ombre-dyed with mushroom (myrobalan). The bottom edge was briefly dipped into an iron post-mordant, which very quickly darkened the color. (Or “saddened” it, a phrase which I can’t help but love.) Directions suggested a post-mordant of fifteen minutes but the change in color was so dramatic and swift that I pulled it out after a minute or two.IMG_2442

Overlaid with silk organza ombre-dyed in myrobalan and indigo.IMG_2454The finished piece includes embroidery and dyed paper. It’s a small thing, relatively, (approx 24 x 16), and the delicate nature of it was hard for me to capture by camera phone. Anyhow, fun to be working and thinking in new ways.

Already I am seeing more color and texture in my environment…and reminded of the adventures in perception.

What a difference an art class makes, right? ; )


  • How exciting, it was always my hope, that a (one of my classes), would be an inspirational, motivating force for some of my students, In that way the teacher has a chance to hold the brush and paint at least some of the small background areas of the student’s ongoing “life portrait”. I happy to report, that some of those portraits (that I have been able to follow over the years) are truly fantastic.
    This is a large responsibility, and not to be taken lightly . . . otherwise, one can just back away, and wash the student’s brushes, a much easer way to, “teach”.

    • Bill, your art classes were truly life changing for me. I’m so grateful for the new paths they opened up for me and grateful for our continued friendship. Thanks for teaching and changing the lives of those around you.

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