While I primarily treat flat paper documents at work (historical maps, letters, ephemera) there is the occasional old leather-bound book that comes across my bench. Old, worn leather can be finicky; it tears, crumbles, and stains easily. Because I rarely see such books these days they are a welcome change of pace, a refresher of my bookbinding skills. Here for a brief visit and then gone.

I suspect that some people feel the same way about certain relatives visiting for the holidays. (!)

A few before and after shots of the recently repaired leather-bound ledger:







The lab is quiet today. It’s just me and Dünya Radyo. Güzel!


May you know health, happiness, and love in the New Year!!




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  • Arini, The book is fantastic, thanks for sharing, your work on it is wonderful !!

    I hope you find a lot of what you need and want for happiness in 2014, but not everything, we all have to save something for 2015 and beyond . . . Bill


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